Getting What You Need by Understanding Your Moon Sign


The moon in astrology represents what makes us feel most comfortable and, most importantly, what we need to feel secure. The moon is centered around security and comfort. Thus, it is important to know what your moon sign requires according to sign, house placement, and aspects in order to feel comfortable and secure with yourself. While so many people are living the ego essence of their sun sign, it is difficult to truly feel secure on a deep level when your moon wants, and needs are left unfulfilled.

The Moon and the Subconscious
In order to get what you need through your moon and/or lunar energy, it is important to understand the subconscious energy associated with lunar energy. In astrology, Cancer is represented by the moon, and Cancers tend to approach situations intuitively. They don’t necessarily approach situations directly. They are more likely to maneuver strategically to get where or what they want, and in some cases, there could be manipulation involved to achieve their desired end. Although we as people think that we are motivated in a conscious manner, oftentimes, there are subconscious callings at play. If you deny or fail to acknowledge your subconscious needs, you will always be a feeling of dissatisfaction and unease. Thus, it is vital to consider and take action to fulfill your moon needs.

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