Uranus Transits Taurus and What it Means for Each Sign


From May 2018 until April 2026, Uranus, the planet of individuality, rebellion, and the unexpected will take a seven-year transit through the secure, stable, cautiously moving sign of Taurus. Prepare for radical changes involving personal and collective values, possessions, financial systems, food, beauty standards as well as an exploration about the physical condition of the planet Earth. When Uranus transits a sign, change is necessary. If change is avoided, upheavals are likely to obtain the change needed to progress both personally and collectively.

The Uranus in Taurus Transit
Uranus transiting Taurus combines the unique, rebellious, progressive, innovative, and chaotic energies of Uranus with the stable, thoughtful, sensual, reliable, traditional, and steady energies of Taurus. This is where air meets earth, and it is an interesting combination as Uranus represents change and Taurus loves what is stable. Thus adjustments are required to take advantage of the progressive energy of Uranus in a practical manner. This transit has the potential to create major changes as Taurus is an earth sign that desires tangible results. The unexpected energy of Uranus will prod all of us with its lightning bolt to get out of ruts (which Taurus can be known for) and finally make long-overdue solid changes personally and collectively.

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