Coronavirus: Creating consumer product shortages?


The Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, appeared in Wuhan, China late last year. The Chinese government attempted to contain the outbreak, but as we now know, they were unsuccessful.
As of March 6th, 13 states have been reporting confirmed cases of the disease. However, the CDC has not approved every state to test for COVID-19, and the states that are testing are only testing a small number of people. Once someone is infected, they won’t show symptoms for weeks. For many people, the virus’ symptoms are no worse than that of a common cold. This means that people are unwittingly transferring the virus.
All of this suggests that the coronavirus is likely spreading more than we realize. It was originally hoped that significant impacts would be contained in China, but other countries like Japan and Italy have now been undergoing quarantine procedures. The conclusion many are reaching is that the United States, or certain regions at least, will have to suffer the same ordeals in the near future.

Potential Health Concerns

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