The Latest Updates on Australia’s Alarming Wildfire Crisis


If you’ve opened up your news app on your phone or have checked social media at all in the last few weeks, you’ve likely run into this similar headline. ‘Australia experiences one of the worst brush-fire seasons in recorded history.’ The country just halfway through the brush-fire season and this natural disaster has unfortunately shown no sign of stopping. It’s a catastrophic event, no matter who you are or where you are on the globe, so keeping up with the news is as relevant as ever. As the death toll rises, there’s no way anyone can ignore the situation in the land down under. Here are some of the latest updates regarding the Australian wildfires.

The animal death toll continues to rise as the forest fire spreads. It’s apparent that the wildlife in Australia is the biggest victim of this catastrophe. Tallying up the death toll, when including insects, leads to a shocking number nearing 1 billion. The most alarming part surrounding this news is that some species are under an even more imminent threat of extinction. The koala bear, a species already struggling to survive, has taken quite the blow due to the massive fire. This has become such a severe issue, individuals are petitioning koalas to be introduced as a new species in New Zealand to prevent their species from dying out.
But aside from this form of action, the Aussie citizens are doing what they can, from rescuing these creatures themselves from trees to providing water to these thirsty animals. Even our canine companions have joined the fight. Trained dogs are currently assisting firefighters and rescuing animals out in the field. Using their powerful noses as their guide, they can find and save more animals in need from the inferno.

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