Safe and Easy Places Around the World To Explore on Your Own

While traveling with a group of people can be fun, there are many reasons to consider solo travel. When traveling alone, you don’t have to work around other people’s plans or worry about last-minute cancellations. Because you’re in charge of making all the decisions, you can choose how long you want to spend at your destination. It’s also a great way to branch out, make friends, and gain confidence. While some countries are more challenging to navigate independently, plenty of others are safe and popular solo travel destinations. Exploring a new place on your own will help you understand yourself better while making memories you’ll cherish forever.


With low crime rates and beautiful scenery, Iceland is an excellent option for those who are looking to travel solo. Icelandic people are known for their hospitality, and many speak English. If you prefer spending time outdoors, you’ll find many activities to enjoy. For the perfect opportunity to view the northern lights, drive out to Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon or head to the southern tip of Iceland and view them from one of their many black sand beaches.


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