Check Out These Top 8 Beer Scenes in 2020


Heading into 2020, beer has never been hotter. In addition to the more common big-name breweries, the smaller microbreweries are increasingly making a name for themselves on the national stage. This is good news for travelers looking to combine a vacation with the chance to experience some of the best brews going today. Here are eight places to consider for your next beer-centric trip:

New Orleans: It is no secret that New Orleans is a boozy city. In recent years, the city has seen a number of microbreweries pop up on the scene to complement the famous cocktails that grace the landscape of this travel hotspot. Crescent City Brewhouse is centrally located in the French Quarter inside of a historic building. Visitors can throw back a pint or two while listening to some of the city’s famous jazz music. Or head to Courtyard Brewery and try its unique stout made with the iconic king cake.

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