Millennials and unlimited vacation is it a perk?


For the many young talented workers that are just getting to the workforce unlimited vacation could be a real selling point. So do Millennials get this perk more than older employees? Are limitless vacations a perk or a hassle? There are some personal testimonies that give examples on both sides and they all have opinions on the offer on vacations with no limit.

To the many young aspiring workers that are fresh out of college, the enticing offer of unlimited vacation is hard to pass up. Jobs that offer this perk are known to trust all of their employees. Jobs that offer limitless vacations have been on the rise. Since 2015 jobs that offer this perk jumped from 450 to 1,300 per million jobs offered. However, this is mainly used as a marketing campaign. It attracts new talented workers to their company. This in turn gets the company employees that are highly talented, and the employees get limitless vacations. So many jobs that offer this are using it as a selling point to attract the best of the best in their field.

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