Pisces, Make Space To Replenish For Your Health & Well-Being

One of the defining features of Pisces energy is its orientation towards isolation. If Aquarius rules society, then as the last sign, Pisces rules being away from society. This isolation can show up in many forms from choosing to withdraw from others in order to replenish itself to being associated with institutions that remove individuals from mainstream society such as being bedridden in a hospital or even going to prison. On an energetic level, Pisces is a sign that requires isolation to properly replenish itself due to its deep feeling and empathic nature.

Pisces & The Need For Alone Time

Although Pisces can be social when they want to, it is imperative that anyone with lots of Pisces/ Neptune energy make time to be alone. Empathy makes Pisces highly sensitive to everything and everyone. They are constantly picking up on everything happening in their environment and internalizing this which is all the more reason why it is essential for Pisces to take time for themselves. While this may seem standoffish to those who are characteristically more outgoing, it is important for those with highlighted Pisces/Neptune energy to acknowledge the need for replenishment and time alone.

Empathetic To A Fault

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