Careful Now: Virgo & The Art of Discernment

As the sun continues its transit through Virgo, we get to experience Virgo energy personally and collectively. Now is a great time to get our lives in order by developing and instituting healthy routines. Another aspect of the Virgo experience is discernment.

What exactly is discernment? It is the ability to judge correctly. While Virgo gets a lot of slack for its critical nature, criticism is necessary for effective discernment. In fact, the ability to discern allows Virgo to hone on the details to determine what is important and what is not. From carefully analyzing someone’s character to closely detecting food reactions, Virgo’s ability to discern allows it to use its discriminating nature to remove and/or avoid that which does not work. After all, Virgo is an earth sign and making sure everything has a meaningful purpose is important. Virgo can teach us the importance and value of discernment.

Keeping the Impure Out

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