How to Look for a Job When Times are Unpredictable and Challenging

It is not a stretch to say that times are challenging right now. On top of layoffs in the tech sector, inflation continues to creep up, a possible looming recession is on the rise and the world is still dealing with global conflicts. In some sectors, the Great Resignation may be a thing of the past, with people who got jobs just months ago staying put, those who are afraid to change employers deciding to wait things out with a move and job seekers stuck between wanting to make a change and getting results slower due to hiring freezes and continued uncertainty.

If you have recently been laid off, are questioning the security of your current job or have been wanting to make a change for awhile now, you will likely encounter a tough job market (or have already experienced it for yourself). To approach the search as a job seeker, you need to be ready. See some tips below for job searching in challenging times.

First: Stop and Think

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