Feeling Safe for the Zodiac Signs


As the temperatures drop, there’s this innate desire to just go someplace warm, snuggle up and just get cozy. This time of year is also referred to as cuffing season. It just seems like everyone wants someone or something to cozy up to. There’s this desire to feel at home and safe away from the harsh, cold weather outside. The thing is though, everyone has something different that makes them feel safe and secure. The following is a general overview of what each zodiac sign needs to feel safe. For the best results, you may want to check your moon sign in addition to your sun sign when reading this list. The moon sign gives a greater understanding of what we need to feel secure and safe in our environments. Get ready to cuff up and get what you need to feel most safe and secure during the fall and winter seasons.

For Aries, safety is not necessarily a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup. They feel more secure and safe when they have their own autonomy. There’s nothing Aries desires more than being able to get up and do what they want to do when they want to do it. Their energy is reminiscent of The Fool in tarot. Having the ability to strike out on one’s own and do what one desires without being encumbered definitely makes Aries feel secure within itself.

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