Tips for Dating Leo, The Queens & Kings of the Zodiac

So, you want to date a Leo? How do get one of the most confident, royal signs of the zodiac to take notice of you and actually agree to a date? Well, there are some do’s and don’ts when pursuing Leo as a love interest. Continue to read on to find out more about how to date a Leo successfully.

Wooing A Leo
If you really want to catch the attention of Leo for a potential date, get ready for some courtship. Leo enjoys romance. They love everything that comes with dating and that includes trips, gifts, and other acts and displays of affection. So, if it’s not really your thing to pamper and dote on a love interest, Leo is not for you. This is the one sign that truly wants to see that another person values them, and if you are interested in dating them seriously, you will have to put in some work to show just how much you are interested. The following are some general do’s and don’ts when dating the most royal, regal sign of the zodiac. Take these as general suggestions that can help improve your chances of making your Leo love interest feel adored enough to consider you as a viable love interest.

The Do’s

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