Thinking with Your Feelings as Mercury Transits Cancer

From July 11th to July 27th, Mercury transits the emotional, caring, nurturing sign of Cancer. Get ready for communication to take a dive into the emotional realm where exploring and sharing feelings is more important than being stuck in our heads. This is a time when we will all be deeply in our feelings, and we will speak and think with our emotions. This is important to understand because the thinking process takes on a less logical approach. Continue to read on to find out more about Mercury’s transit through the sign of Cancer.

The Mercury in Cancer Transit

Mercury will be transferring Cancer for about two weeks. And during this time, it is important that we consider how our emotions impact what we think and how we communicate. Now is the time where we are more interested in expressing ourselves emotionally and having conversations that allow us to explore our emotional realm. We are going from the logical airy energy of Gemini to the emotional waters of Cancer. For some people, Mercury in Cancer is welcome as it allows for further exploration of emotions. This transit offers the opportunity to consider feelings and share them with a trusted few. For others, Mercury’s transit through Cancer makes them a bit uncomfortable particularly if they are used to dealing with more logical and rational thought processes. Now is the time where we are more likely to consider information on a deeper level as opposed to thinking and speaking superficially. It is important to note that because our thoughts are being impacted by our emotions, objectivity can be very difficult. For this reason, it may take some effort to put some distance between what we think and how we feel.

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