Moving Like a Crab: How Cancer Navigates Life

Given that it is Cancer season, it’s a good idea to explore how this water sign moves through life. Represented by the crab, Cancer has a unique way of navigating life. As a cardinal sign, Cancer is changeable and always has their eyes on where they want to go. However, as a water sign, the way in which they approach change is different from the other cardinal signs in the fire, earth, and air elements. In general, Cancer chooses the covert path of navigating through life. Just like the crab, they make it seem as if they are moving in one direction when in reality they are focused on an alternate path to get to where they want to be. Continue to read on to learn more about how Cancer navigates life.

Crablike: How Cancer Navigates Life

One of the definitive features of Cancer is its crab-like approach to life. When we think about crabs, we know that they are water adjacent and that they have a protective shell that keeps out intruders. They also always carry their homes on their back, and crabs have claws that are used not only to protect themselves from others but to also assist them with their sideways movement. If you’ve ever seen a crab move, they take a sideways approach to getting to where they want to be. So, if there is an intended target, don’t be fooled. Cancer is not going to move directly toward the target. It will take an alternate route by moving sideways that ultimately leads it to where it desired to go in the first place. In fact, Cancer may actually navigate past its intended mark which will make others think that it’s not interested in that specific target. When Cancer does finally get to where it wants to be, people can be quite unaware. If others do find out how Cancer navigates, they may be a bit confused as to why Cancer went all the way around the block just to get to something that was simply across the street. This is a watery way of getting things done. The water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces have a low-key approach to getting what they want.

Moving with the Feelings

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