A Bold, Adoring Love with Venus in Leo

From June 27, 2021, to July 21, 2021, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and relationships transits the fiery sign of Leo. Get ready for a bold, warm-hearted love where being adored is the name of the game. Ruled by the sun, Leo is the center of the solar system, and when Venus enters the sign of the lion, expect to take the expression of love up several notches. Leo wants a love that is amazingly grand, and it will settle for nothing less. Continue to read on to learn more about what’s to come over the next four weeks as Venus transits Leo.

The Venus in Leo Love

When Venus meets the sign of Leo, love, relationships, and finances take on a dramatic, warm-hearted, generous energy. As the star of the zodiac, Leo energy resonates with being adored, admired, and generally doted upon. Think of the feline that loves having its head scratched. The look of pure contentment is the feeling that Venus in Leo is going for. With Venus in Leo, there is a desire to be the center in their close relationships. Love and relationships become a very important part of life, and the feeling that love is a grand experience is vital for this Venus in Leo. Quite often, Venus in Leo seeks what is extravagant and showy…even when it comes to love and romance. Venus in Leo resonates with the energy of why settle for less when you can have the best. When Venus visits the sign of Leo, this is a time when love, relationships, and finances are held in high esteem.

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