Understanding Duality with Gemini

As we wrap up Gemini season, it is important to consider the duality that is Gemini. All too often, there is much to say about the “double faces” of Gemini, but do we really understand why Gemini is such a multi-faceted sign? Given that Gemini is mutable, they are quite adaptable, and there is more than one side to their nature. However, it should be noted that Gemini is not the only zodiac sign that possesses this nature. In fact, each of the elements has a mutable sign which includes Virgo for the earth signs, Pisces for the water signs, and Sagittarius for the fire signs. Mutable energy offers adaptability and variety, and Gemini rules the air elemental traits of this adaptable energy.

Gemini & Its Dual Nature

Yes, Gemini is a double body sign, and when dealing with Gemini, you are meeting two distinct energies. Some would say this is dealing with multiple personalities, and in many ways it is-Gemini has two distinct personalities. Gemini has the ability to tap into the various aspects of their personality. This dual nature is exhibited in a variety of ways which usually involve their communicative abilities. Yes, Gemini’s can participate in double-talk at times. They may say one thing to one person, and then something completely different to someone else. It is important to understand that Gemini is literally holding two separate entities within one being.

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