Bored With Your Typical Salmon Fillet? Here Are 10 Unique and Delicious Salmon Recipes

Salmon can be broiled, baked in foil, fried, pan-seared, steamed, poached. It can be glazed in teriyaki sauce, homemade strawberry salsa, BBQ sauce, balsamic vinaigrette…the list goes on. We have a myriad of salmon recipes here for you to ponder, whether you’re looking for a way to mix up tonight’s dinner, planning a get-together, or thinking ahead to next week’s menu.

First Thing’s First

Before deciding on a recipe, there are some basic things you can do to make sure whatever you cook is the highest quality possible. Wild-caught salmon is generally higher-quality. It is also important to know the distinctions between types of salmon, to make the most informed choice. This may depend on your budget, the dish you are planning, or just your personal taste. There are three main characteristics that define salmon type, and they are size, color, and fat or oil content. The salmon with the highest fat or oil content as well as the highest price tag is the King or Chinook salmon, and it is also the pinkest in color. Ironically, pink salmon is the palest in color alongside dog salmon, and both have low oil content as well. Sockeye is second in price and red in color.

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