The Travel Industry Rebounds – What to Expect during Summer 2021, from Ground to Sky

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout speeds up, all eyes are on the travel industry, which was one of the hardest hit in 2021 when the pandemic swept the nation. Leaders are preparing for a positive rebound and a boost in travel after a dismal past year. Late last year and in the early months of 2021, many steep discounts were offered to try to entice people to travel and spend. Airline prices were at almost all-time lows, with prices to go from New York to Florida, for example, hovering around $20.

But, even with those measures, providers have had to reduce capacity and adhere to safety restrictions, which has eaten up a chunk of a normal year’s budget. Now, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel, with more and more people getting vaccinated. Many of these same people have a pent-up demand to travel and see more of the country as they have had to limit their world and spend a lot of time at home for the past 12 months.

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