Think Quickly with Mercury in Aries


From April 3-April 19, the planet of communication, Mercury, will move through the innovative, me-first sign of Aries. Get ready for a dynamic shift in the thinking and communication process where getting to conclusions promptly is important. Speaking up is more important as well as Aries, ruled by Mars, is never afraid to speak its mind nor is it afraid of confrontation. Embrace the energy of direct, clear-cut communication with Mercury’s transit through Aries.

A Mind on Fire
As Mercury moves through the fire sign of Aries, thinking and communication take on fiery energy that encourages direct and honest communication. There is a bluntness associated with the thinking and communicative process that cannot be denied. While there are some that may appreciate this form of communication, others may be put off by the direct way in which the Mercury in Aries energy presents itself. During this transit, we are more likely to say what we mean…even if it upsets others. The thinking faculty is largely focused on going where no one has gone before….being a pioneer. If you’ve got thoughts and ideas that you have been stewing on for a while, this Mercury in Aries transit gives you the go-ahead to express yourself with conviction and passion.

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