Being Somebody in the World with the Midheaven


If you’re wondering how the world sees you and what your reputation is within the world, the midheaven has your answers. While your rising sign is how you present yourself to the world, the midheaven shows what you are known for within the context of the world and the reputation that you hold among people in the outer world. The midheaven also offers insight into the type of career that would be most beneficial. It is an important placement as it provides details about how we are perceived by the outside world, and how we deal with the outside world especially as it relates to our professional lives.

The Midheaven & How the World Sees You
When we consider how we present ourselves in this experience, we look at the rising sign. However, the rising sign does not reveal how the outer world perceives us. Just because you present yourself in a particular way through the rising sign does not always mean that the world needs you in this way. With the midheaven, you are presented with the opportunity to see yourself via the lenses of the world. The sign and the house placement of the midheaven reveal the energy that the world picks up about us as well as how this energy is utilized based on the house placement.

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