The Intuitive Mind: Mercury Transits Pisces

From March 15 to April 3, Mercury will transit the sign of Pisces. Get ready for a mental shift from the logical to the emotional as communication becomes less vocal and more non-verbal. When Mercury transits Pisces, thinking becomes more “right-brained.” There is more of a focus on using the creative aspect of the mind and moving beyond limitations that prevent connection to that beyond the veil of what is seen. Mercury in Pisces asks us to use our intuition as our guiding factor instead of pure logic.

The Creative, Boundless Mind

Mercury in Pisces is the mind connected to what is surreal. Think of beautiful dreams and theories instead of laid-out plans and facts. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Mercury in this position doesn’t have thoughts. Mercury here is simply inclined to process information differently. Pisces is a feeler that perceives very differently, and these differences are often construed as if Pisces doesn’t have much to say. Sometimes not having much to say allows Pisces to tap into its creation so that it can connect to itself and others.

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