Making Corned Beef for St. Patrick’s Day on the Stove, Instant Pot and Crock Pot

You may be surprised to know that Corned beef is not a dish you would find in Ireland, especially not on St. Patrick’s Day. So why and how did corned beef end up on the menu for this holiday you might ask. Well, it’s more so a British thing because they ate beef regularly, and bought salt for Ireland to cure it. Ireland used there cows for dairy products, milk and their strength in the fields.

Gaelic Ireland considered cows to be sacred animals and symbols of wealth. The only time a cow was killed for meat was if it was too old to produce or work. It wasn’t until Irish immigration, and their proximity to their Jewish neighbors, that they partook in the celebratory meal of their culture and history. They would pair Jewish brisket with cabbage and potatoes. So to break it down, the potato represented their history, the cabbage because it was affordable and the brisket because it was a splurge.

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