Is the Tesla Model 3 the ‘Most Satisfying Car on the Market?’ It Sure Is

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, one of the most innovative and forward-thinking electric vehicle makers on the market, has grown his car company before our eyes. Because we’ve been a firsthand witness to Tesla’s phenomenal growth, we’ve also come to more fully appreciate its model lineup. For one, the company’s flagship four-door electric luxury sedan, The Model S, is both beautiful and technologically advanced. For another, Tesla offers one of the most comprehensive all-electric SUVs in the EV segment; the Model X. Both those models are priced at up-market rates, however. But Musk is acutely attuned to the EV market. He’s also made sure Tesla produces a high-quality, well-equipped EV four-door sedan for the masses, the Model 3. It’s safe to say, as well, that the Tesla Model 3 is probably the most satisfying car on the market today, and here’s why:

Great Price

With the average new car coming in at a total transaction price of nearly $41,000 in 2021, the Tesla Model 3’s base price of $38,190 is especially noteworthy. A Standard Range Plus Model 3 in rear-wheel-drive comes in at only $800 more, and for that, you get even more equipment and up to 263 miles of range from its battery pack. That amount of mileage from any EV is usually enough for most people, especially if they can recharge the Tesla’s battery whenever needed. Also, with the standard equipment you get in the Model 3, calling it “entry-level” hardly seems fair.

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