Google Maps may soon make Gaming more real than ever


The gaming industry has taken over as one of the most dominant industries on the planet. In particular, there is a demand for realistic games that simulate reality. Let us take a very close look at how Google Maps might make gaming more real than ever.

Gaming in Your Neighborhood
First and foremost, this software is allowing you to game in your neighborhood. Lots of games are introducing worlds that simulate the layout of your neighborhood. Playing these games is simple; just take your phone and walk around the block. Your character will follow in the game and traverse the map accordingly. All that you need is reliable internet access as you are moving about. This simulation is so crucial to some games that players are intentionally traveling to different locations. While you might bike directly to school on most days, it’s worthwhile to take a slight detour to complete a challenge or quest in the game. These features encourage players to move about and get some exercise on a regular basis. Once you complete a challenge, you might receive a badge that you can show off to your friends. At the same time, you can disable these sharing capabilities if you value your privacy.

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