Get a Good Deal on Any New or Used Car Even While Prices are Soaring

According to the valuation analysts at Kelly Blue Book, the January 2021 average transaction price for a new light vehicle in the United States was $40,857. The same price-increase paradigm also holds for used cars, though they’re always less expensive than a comparable new vehicle. All that said, to get a good deal on the car, truck, or SUV of your dreams, first shop online and be prepared to negotiate. Also, understand the below points when it comes to the auto buying process:

Dealers Maximize Profits

New and used vehicle dealers are in business to maximize their profit on each “unit” (a car, truck, or SUV which is sitting on their lot or in their showroom) they own. It doesn’t matter whether the vehicle you have your eye on is new or used, either, because the dealer owns it and wants to profit on it if possible. In the auto sales world, maximizing profit on a new or used vehicle sale is known as “holding gross (profit).”

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