Amazon Unveils More New Hardware ahead of Prime Day & the Holidays

Last Thursday marked yet another important event in the tech world in the lead up to the holiday season in 2020. Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Sony, and others have already had their turn, and this time it was Amazon’s time to jump into the ring. There were a number of important announcements from the Seattle based company that included a new version of the Echo, an update to Alexa, and some solid new features having to do with security. Amazon also introduced the world to Luna, its new cloud gaming service. These new announcements come just in time for the new Amazon Prime Day this October too. Below are the key announcements from this Amazon hardware event.

Amazon provided a number of updates to its Echo offerings

The popular Amazon Echo was unveiled Thursday and it has a much more appealing look. The latest version of the echo is a spherical, snowball type model. It has the standard Zigbee support and is integrated with Amazon Sidewalk. The audio on the device is certainly a priority and the Echo will feature Dolby sound. The new Echo will cost $99 with a release date of October 22nd.

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