Presidents’ Day – A Journey From Celebrating One Man To Celebrating All Presidents

Presidents’ Day is a special day in the United States when we pay tribute to Presidents both past and present. The federal holiday always falls on the third Monday every February. It has an extensive history that leads to the holiday we celebrate today. Once known as the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, Presidents’ Day sat a precedent for many other federal holidays. It’s viewed as a day we celebrate special leaders in the United States for all they’ve done along the way.

The Founding of Presidents’ Day

After the first President of the US, George Washington passed away in 1799, the world decided to pay tribute to him with a special day. His birthday, February 22, became a day to honor him. In 1800, Washington was seen as the highest figure in all of American history. The world celebrated beginning to construct the Washington Monument in 1848 because he was so special to American history. In the late 1870s, honoring the President’s birthday became a federal holiday.

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