Gift ideas for Someone Whose Graduation was Cancelled


In recent months, the comfortable world that we knew got uprooted and ravished. Everything that we viewed as normal and mundane is now a fading memory and all the plans we had for the near future have been canceled or postponed. While everyone is giving due attention to first responders, victims of COVID-19 and the economy, our graduates are mourning their own losses. Many graduates don’t feel as if they can even mourn publicly. They are afraid that they might be viewed as insensitive to those who are battling life and death medical problems or those who are working tirelessly to protect our most vulnerable. But the mourning over cancelled proms, senior trips and graduation ceremonies is real.  

It’s not just high school seniors who are mourning the lost celebrations and lack of pomp. College and university students are also mourning the ceremonies and parties that will never happen.

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