The 10 Financial Steps to Help Get Your Affairs in Order to Protect Your Spouse


The thought of being a burden may be on your mind as you think of your wife or husband and the consequences the death of a provider will have on them. While it certainly isn’t pleasant to think of, all of us should make arrangements to provide the best prospects for our family’s future. It sounds much more intimidating than it is. It can be quite stressful to think of as no one wants to have their mind set on their own death. It’s piled on with the thought of the aftermath that it may cause. These are the 10 key tips to provide your spouse and family with health and support they’ll need once you’ve passed on:

1. How to Manage Funeral Costs – The best way to take the burden of cost off the weight of your spouse or children’s shoulders is to prepare for some of the expenses at the cemetery. It’s important to consider your religious affiliation before making a decision on what cemetery and type of funeral you choose. With that, the price of the plot can significantly wavy depending on what plot is chosen. You can prepay for plots that are in-between $200-$2,000. Cremation is typically in the price range of $500 to $700.

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