10 Easy Recipes to Eat More Veggies at Breakfast

We all know the type of person who wants to eat healthy, but, for whatever reason, is not a huge vegetable fan. Maybe it is their taste and texture, or perhaps they would rather just be eating fried foods, dessert or anything else. Or maybe they just want to get eating vegetables over with so they can enjoy other things later. Maybe that is you, maybe not. Regardless, it can be good to change things up with your diet and routine. Start the morning off right with these 10 ways to eat your vegetables for breakfast. Colorful and delicious!

Recipe 1: Breakfast Vegetable Scramble

Goat cheese, tofu scramble and plenty of peppers, kale and spices makes for a colorful breakfast. It is packed with protein, so you will have plenty of energy to do and go wherever the day happens to take you. This dish also stores well in the fridge and makes for a good leftover meal.

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