The Otherside of Positive Astrological Aspects


The positive aspects of astrology are like golden gems. Many people want them, and those that have the more difficult natal aspects wish that someone would have given them these positive aspects at birth as it would have made their lives a lot easier.

The positive aspects of trine and sextile are known as the “easy” energetic patterns between planetary bodies. When planets are exchanging energy in a positive manner, it can feel like everything just flows and goes so much easier. However, there is a hidden dark side to positive astrological aspects that are not often spoken about. Those trines and sextiles offer many benefits, but as with all things that come too easily, we often don’t consciously appreciate that which is always readily available to us. This is an exploration of the downside of positive astrological aspects and how this energy can be utilized in a more efficient, conscious manner.

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