Jupiter’s Blessings: Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius and Pisces

Make the Most of Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius and Pisces

Jupiter transits are a blessing from the cosmos. Jupiter is the expansive, optimistic energy that makes us believe that anything is possible. There is tons of faith, good-fortune, and benevolence with Jupiter and knowing how to maximize the energy of a Jupiter transit is important. In the next two years, from the end of 2020 through 2022, Jupiter will wrap up its trek through the zodiac by transiting the signs of Aquarius and Pisces. Keep following along to learn how you can take advantage of Jupiter’s blessings.

The Jupiter Transit
Jupiter transits each zodiac sign for about a year with a complete Jupiter cycle culminating over 12 years. During a Jupiter transit, it is important to embrace the positive attributes of the applicable sign while being mindful of avoiding any exaggerations that could negate the effects of these positive transits. Jupiter is the ever-optimistic, omnipotent cheerleader showing us that there is abundance tenfold. During this type of transit, many people experience positive happenings in their lives depending on where the transit occurs within the individual natal chart. Collectively, Jupiter energy offers the opportunity for us all to experience a cosmic blessing. Again, while Jupiter is abundant, it is important to note that sometimes Jupiter can bring too much of a good thing. Thus, it is important to appreciate the blessings offered by a Jupiter transit without going overboard.

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