Our Rundown on the Latest Theories and Rumors around The Mandalorian Season 2

Baby Yoda has an exciting journey ahead of him. Along his journey to find his people, the Child and the Mandalorian are going to bump into a ton of interesting characters and new situations. Whether it’s a fan favorite Jedi, a long lost bounty hunter, or a brand new connection to the most mysterious lore, the second season of The Mandalorian is steeped in mystery, so take a look at this quick overview of the most enticing theories and rumors about the most beloved duo in a galaxy far, far away.

Connection to the Sequels

As polarizing as they may be, these films and their place in canon are here to stay. With that in mind, it would make sense for the show to touch upon certain plot elements of the sequels. Many fans pointed out the imperial scientist’s Kaminoan markings when the first season aired, and this could mean that the Imperial Remnant wishes to use Baby Yoda in some sort of cloning process. Given Palpatine’s use of cloning in the sequels, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to guess that we’ll see some of the details surrounding the Imperial Remnant’s cloning endeavors. Furthermore, we may gain deeper insights into the inception and rise of the First Order.

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