Healthy Microwave Meals for Busy Weeknight Dinners

Delicious Meals Don't Have to Take Long to Make

Sometimes, cooking can be a chore even for those who love it the most. Coming home from a long day at work or school and having to heat up the oven and prep food can be a daunting task. But staying healthy and eating correctly can be a challenge when you’re not cooking for yourself. Luckily, there are a few easy, healthy weeknight meals that can actually be made right in the microwave. These meals are not only delicious but they don’t require very much prep time. You won’t have to heat up the oven or stove, and best of all, the cooking time is incredibly quick.

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash is a delicious, healthy, lower-calorie substitute for traditional pasta, and it can also be prepared right in the microwave. To cook the squash, simply use a sharp knife to prick the vegetable all over so steam can escape. Place it in a microwave-safe dish in the microwave and start cooking. You’ll usually need to cook it for about five minutes per pound of squash. Once the squash has cooled, you can cut it in half, scoop out and discard the seeds, and then scrape out the squash flesh with a fork. Once the spaghetti-like strands of squash have been removed, they can be topped with any of your favorite pasta toppings, including marinara, alfredo sauce, pesto, cheese, or meatballs.

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