Shocking Indiscriminate Manslaughter in Thailand

A former policeman killed 24 children and 13 adults on October 6 in Na Klang, Thailand. The policeman had been dismissed from the force a year ago over drug allegations. On the day of the massacre, the former policeman had earlier been in court and decided to go to a daycare center in Uthai Sawan to collect his child, according to spokesperson Paisal Luesomboon.

After being informed his child was not present that day, he instantly began shooting and slashing the children at the daycare center. According to police reports, most of the children who died were severely stabbed. According to a local official at Na Klang, most of the children who died were between two and five years old. After committing these gruesome murders, the former police officer later went home and killed his stepson and wife before killing himself.

The Crime Scene

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