Facebook and Instagram Users will be able to Communicate Much More Easily

he social networking giant unveiled several new features on both popular messaging platforms

The social networking giant Facebook has recently made a move to make it easier for users on the company’s messaging platforms to communicate with one another more easily. These two platforms are Facebook Messenger and Instagram, with Instagram also set to receive an updated DM interface that will use some of the features found on Messenger.

Some of the updates on the Instagram side include custom emojis, selfie stickers, allowing messages to vanish as seen in Snapchat, chat colors, and other methods to block messages. Users will also be able to forward messages to as many as five friends or groups at once and directly respond to specific messages found in a group chat. Another new feature will be the Watch Together function on Messenger where users can view videos together when on a video call. This will include videos found on Facebook Watch and Reels.

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