Western Wildfires make Air Quality Apps Essential

In the Face of Hazardous Pollution Technological Solutions Abound


Air pollution in America is nothing new, but the rash of wildfires throughout the west has lowered the air quality immensely for millions of people who were breathing clean air just this spring. Right now, the US has some of the worst air quality in the world along the west coast. Over the past week, certain areas have seen air quality so poor that it’s considered hazardous to even set foot outside until it has passed. In order to stay safe, many west coast residents have turned to apps that can show air-quality in real time.

If pollution data lights your fire, there’s a whole selection of apps to choose from. Air Visual is one of the most popular choices. It’s an app from the Swedish air purification company IQair, and its services have been popular in China since long before the recent American wildfires.

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