Personal Evangelism When Personal Space is a Premium


Evangelism is a big fancy word that means sharing the message and teaching of Jesus Christ with others. You do not have to be a preacher. A simple thankfulness for what God has done for you today can be evangelism. In response to the virus, people have turned to the internet to reach others with examples of God’s power in their life or trying to be a blessing to others. Personal space never got associated with isolation like it is with the Coronavirus. The isolation that has come up as a protection strategy can be emotionally and psychologically damaging to people. Loneliness is a terrible feeling, and seeing no immediate end to it can be devastating. More people right now need personal evangelism than possibly any other time in our lives.

William Beaumont
Everybody calls William “Bo.” Bo was very active in his church before the state closed it down. He has a concern for the souls of people that stays at the top of his thoughts and pushes him forward in his interactions with other people. From his home on the outskirts of a small town, Bo heard sirens. It was not an unusual sound, but Bo had been feeling trapped and useless staying at home. When he listened to the sirens, it occurred to him that he was probably not the only person that was struggling in this situation. The next morning Bo walked away from his house in the direction of town. He was looking for anyone willing to talk to him. That was the day Bo met Don.

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