The Growing Relationship with Millennials and Witchcraft


Witchcraft is gaining fast momentum globally. Millennials are reverting to their authentic roots and questioning most religious beliefs. Witchcraft is the observance and practice of magic or supernatural powers. It is predominantly a practice that is associated with women. However, a male version of it is known as a sorcerer, warlock, or wizard. It includes the use of spells, tarot cards, and charms to control the lives of people or particular outcomes. In 2015, American author, Alex Mar wrote Witches of America that estimates that there are over one million witches in the country.

A witch or a sorcerer practices witchcraft. Climate change is a thorny issue in today. Millennials are resorting to natural remedies to counter it. The craft has an affinity for nature, and this makes it more attractive to them. For some, it is the fashion sense that emanates from witchcraft that entices them.

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