Best Buy joins the latest large retail store to close on Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving 2020 will be a little bit different from last year’s celebration. This year, some of the U.S.’s biggest retail stores will be closed on Thanksgiving day in order to avoid major crowds, health concerns, and any problems that might come with that in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

Best Buy is the latest company to decide that it will not be open for business on Thanksgiving. This comes after it had started to open around 5 pm on the holiday in the past few years. The company also maintained that they would be amplifying their pick up options, work on improving their delivery orders, and really push the company’s website and mobile application. Some of the large deals that are typically found around this time of year may actually happen earlier so that there is no rush all at once. This will give customers more time to purchase certain items during COVID-19. Though the company did not specifically mention the pandemic in this recent announcement, it is fairly clear that is the major reason for the change in policy.

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