How Do You Compare with Notorious and Famous People Who Share Your Sign?

Significant Celebrities and Their Zodiac Tendencies


Does the alignment of the Planets Affect Everyone Regardless of “Fame and Notoriety?”

Sometimes the general public tends to forget that famous people are just as human as anyone else. Take a somber moment and think about the celebrities who have died in tragedies such as aircraft or automobile crashes: Princess Diana, Aaliyah, Patsy Cline, several members of the band Lynnard Skinnard, Paul Walker, and possibly the most recent loss of Koby Bryant. Were their lives spared due to their notoriety? Not hardly. They are human and possibly even more susceptible to accidents and unfortunate issues such as drug overdoses and addictions.

This preface is offered to show that celebrities have vulnerabilities and strengths that may be as tied into their zodiac persona as they are everyday persons like you and me.

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