Public transit: COVID-19 is forcing us to reconsider


Public transit is a staple of society in many large cities. However, since the onset of this pandemic, it’s become increasingly dangerous to ride buses, trains and airplanes on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at how COVID-19 is forcing us to reconsider public transit.

Air travel
Air travel has been hit extremely hard by the coronavirus. As you might imagine, nobody wants to be stuck in a flying tube with hundreds of other strangers for hours at a time. Airlines have seen massive downswings in the number of passengers traveling per day. No matter how many precautionary measure you might try to take, the virus is always a threat. Masks help, but over an extended period of time, droplets can still spread. Ventilation in the aircraft might seem promising as well, but the air is bound to be recycle at some point. If just one person on the airplane has COVID-19, it could spell disaster for the rest of the passengers. Even if you lock down an entire row of seats with your family who is known to be free of the virus, it is simply so contagious. The row behind you and the row in front of you are bound to be threats. When you’re waiting at the gate, you’re sitting among many other travelers. Boarding the plane brushes you against more passengers as you rush to find your seat. As for the bathroom, that is clearly a hotspot for infection. Many travelers are simply postponing their vacations until the pandemic dies down.

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