4 Arts & Craft Ideas To Do While Quarantined

The Homebound Blues


We’re all feeling the effects of staying at home, sheltering in place and getting our quarantine on, and it can definitely take its toll on our mental health! Whether you’re living solo, in a duo, or sharing space with a whole house filled with people, it’s important to give yourself an opportunity to disconnect from the exterior stressors, and invest a bit in your creative, colorful side. Not only is artistic expression proven to reduce stress and help calm us down, it also encourages the production of happy emotions. Win-win!

The Creative Cure
Below we’ve outlined four easy, fun arts and crafts projects for you and your family to try out during this pandemic. Not only will you likely have many of the “Materials Needed” in your home already, sparing you a trip to the store, all these projects are easy and accessible enough for even a crafts rookie to do. Everything is also customizable and embellishable for those who like to add additional flair to their projects.

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