Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus Symptoms To Watch Out For

Continuous, round-the-clock awareness has been centered around possible contractions of the coronavirus. New symptoms have been added to case files for the development of COVID-19. The CDC has implemented a new list of symptoms that show reports to link patients to the coronavirus. The list of new COVID-19 causes centers around the following: chills, shaking with the onset of chills, muscle soreness and pain, headaches and migraines, sore and itchy throat, and new development of loss of sense of smell and taste. These new developments come directly from directives placed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Both entities have cited additional research studies that highlight these tendencies in patients dealing with the virus, creating more awareness measures for patients that exhibit these functions or lack of functions.

Each of these functions comes with particular awareness signs and red flags to determine the severity of the illness. Below are a few of the generalized markers surrounding each of the six new causes that have been added to the watch list for virus development.


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