Happy Hour Treat: Cheese Improves the Taste of Wine


Like a burger and fries, wine and cheese are a match made in foodie heaven. But why do these two fit together so well?
Wines and cheeses pair so nicely because they are a delectable combination of an astringent drink and a fatty food. Astringent drinks make the mouth pucker up and fatty foods make the mouth feel slippery. On their own, we do not particularly like these feelings. Fatty foods lubricate the mouth, making it feel slick or even slimy. Astringent foods make the mouth feel rough and dry. By enjoying the two together, a wonderful balance can be struck. Your mouth will not end up too slippery or too dry. The astringent power o the drink cuts through the cheese’s fatty consistency, restoring balance to the mouth.

Pairing Wines and Cheeses
There are a few rules to follow to make your pairing experience as satisfying as possible. To begin with, most cheeseboards will have a spread consisting of goat cheeses, cheddar cheeses, and blue cheeses.

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