Nissan North America Recalls 250K vehicles Following Airbag Issues


The airbag in our car, truck, or SUV is designed to keep us safe in the event of a collision, but an ongoing problem with products from the airbag manufacturer, Takata has caused a recall by Nissan and other vehicle manufacturers. More than 250,000 vehicles are set to be recalled by Nissan North America after the Mexican Takata airbag manufacturer reported overloading the propellant, ammonium nitrate into its products. The overloading of this chemical has the potential to cause problems including causing metal pieces to be dislodged from the vehicle and strike the driver and passenger.

This problem has been known about for a number of months and was originally handled by Takata itself following an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The dangers caused by the overloading of the propellant were deemed serious enough for the NHTSA to give Takata until the end of 2019 to determine the level of danger facing drivers. However, some reports have stated the Mexican safety manufacturer has yet to meet the demands of the NHTSA prompting Nissan, Infiniti, and other manufacturers to take matters into their own hands.

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