Don’t Neglect Your Mental Health During COVID-19 Preparations


We all know by now that it’s critical to safeguard your well-being when protecting yourself against a pandemic, such as COVID-19. Yet, despite the preparations and hand-washing and social distancing, it is as crucial as ever to remember to take care of your mental health, too. People who already have concerns over depression and anxiety may be even more susceptible to the effects of isolation or quarantine. There are services available to help you not only stay physically healthy but moreover emotionally healthy, as well.

If you don’t do well with separation from other people, it’s vital to have a sounding board and support from friends or family. While staying physically in touch may not be a great idea at the moment, remember to utilize tools such as Facetime and Skype. Knowing your security net is still in place no matter where you are sheltered can make a world of difference when you experience loneliness. Depression is certainly a risk for those who thrive surrounded by a crowd. Humans are social creatures by nature, so consequently, the thought of weeks of isolation can overwhelm people who don’t do well alone. If you are feeling stressed, reach out to hear the voice of someone you trust and share your fears and frustrations.

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