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Robots in Restaurants: But Do You Have to Tip Them?


Folks in the restaurant industry never run short of clever ideas. From methods used to prepare a meal at a fast-casual restaurant to state-of-the-art training protocols and benefits that incentivize staffers and help with employee retention, change is always on the menu.

Thanks to a buffet of high tech innovations currently hitting the market faster than fast-food burgers pushed out of drive-thru windows, the concept of using robots in restaurants has caught fire faster than that flame-grilled burger.

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  1. Technology has already made so many people kids included so lazy and so vacant to others and they allow any machine to take over so they dont have to do anything. I think this particular idea is so wrong on many levels mostly because people will lose jobs . What will the humans do to make a living…buy a robot to work FOR them and bring them home a check I agree with some machines being better to HELP us but to take over our livelihood…no but thays just me

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