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Have you ever thought you wanted to live near the water? To be able to wake up to amazing sunrises and to fall asleep to breath-taking sunsets is a dream many of us share. To be able to drink coffee while inhaling the smell of the water in the mornings or maybe sipping wine or a cocktail in the evenings while viewing the moon over the beach sounds like a fairy tale. The cost of purchasing a home near the beach can be outrageous, but it may be affordable if you consider a home on the water instead of near.

House boats have been around for a long time. They gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s when people were more acceptable to living an alternative lifestyle. While house boat production did decrease, full-time house boat living is now making a comeback. Some people use them for a weekend getaway or for entertaining guests, but others have taken the plunge and use them for full-time living. One benefit is the maintenance that you trade on your typical home. Instead of spending the weekends mowing, painting, gardening or shoveling snow, your backyard is made of water that has no maintenance required from you whatsoever. Sure, the house boat itself does require some maintenance, but when you have the view and atmosphere of the water surrounding you, it won’t feel like a chore. The house boat does need to be removed from the water every four or five years for the upkeep of the exterior and to check the bottom, but other than that and the mechanical systems maintenance, that is pretty much it.

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