Waze Takes On Winter With New Road Hazard Warnings


Winter brings some of the biggest travel days for motorists, it can also be the season with the most problematic conditions for roads. Everything from snow to ice to wind become treacherous distractions. Whether reaching grandma’s house or the next work day, knowing which routes are impacted by wintry conditions have become a common complaint for drivers. Waze users are now getting an all-important update that is uniquely tailored to the season.

Road hazards tailored towards the select conditions was at the top of the list for the service’s users. With so many in parts of the country that experience some sort of winter precipitation, it was a natural choice for designers as they looked toward updates. This time, the service is geared to give anyone real-time status reports as part of the road hazard warning option. It relies on user reports as well as their own data to create a comprehensive report of current conditions. Two of the biggest additions to this new line of road hazards is unplowed road updates and locations where ice could exist on roads.

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